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  • Act Decisively. Offer your seat, hold open the door, smile and share. The Action Principles
    Wednesday, July 01 2015
  • If you are ambitious and your friends aren't, you'll never convince them to change. Find new friends.
    Wednesday, July 01 2015
  • Buy six properties. Pay off the mortgages. In 20 years or less, you will have created a family dynasty of wealth.
    Wednesday, July 01 2015
  • Act Decisively. When a dirty job must be done, as other balk, step up. The Action Principles
    Tuesday, June 30 2015
  • Act Decisively. Be there to listen to someone in need. The Action Principles
    Monday, June 29 2015
  • ACT DECISIVELY. Skip lunch and bring home flowers, a toy or a movie. The Action Principles
    Sunday, June 28 2015
  • Did you know that Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump wrote an Action Principle® We'll post it soon on
    Saturday, June 27 2015

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